You may select and bring in your own fabric or have us source the fabrics for you in Bali. You may contact us by phone, email or simply coming to our office to consult about the products you would like to produce, as well as the fabrics and prices. We charge 12.50usd/hour for sourcing material on your behalf. We should know your total requirements at this stage ( styles, size breakdown and production quantity) so we can present to you only fabrics that are available in sufficient quantity. Please note colours may vary between various dye and print batches so there may be slight differences between sample and production or reorder colours. You can choose from photos or we can courier swatches to you. In case you feel like you need advice on what kind of material will give best result for a certain style, we are happy to advise you free of charge.


Whether you are producing a full collection or just some pieces for your shop, we can consult with you on your choice of styles and appropriate materials. We have a superstar pattern maker who will be able to help you in creating your own patterns. You may also bring your own patterns (paper or digital) or samples which will shorten the production time and process. Patterns typically cost between 20-50 usd per style, depending on the complexity of the item. Any patterns we make are to be used in producing with us and will not be sent out. Grading to sizes is free of charge upon production. We will NEVER share or sell your patterns to other designers and they will be stored away at our office.


Once you are fully happy with your samples, the next step is to grade the patterns to the sizes you require, cut the fabrics into the pattern’s design and to stitch the garments. We offer a wide variety of stitching quality from quick, cheap& cheerful over locking to in-turned and elegant French seams to demi-couture style hand finishing of hems etc. We take pride in our skilled tailors and meticulous quality control, minimizing our ‘reject products’ down to no fault. Our ethical manufacturing philosophy means that our tailors and seamstresses calculate the cut and sew prices for your items according to difficulty and the time it will take them to sew a piece, so they always get paid a fair living wage. Depending on the difficulty of the production we can guarantee the maximum of the rejects will be less than 2% of the production.


We can help you create custom printed fabrics too, as well as custom dye your fabrics. Our graphic designer is happy to help you create seamless pattern vector files for your fabric printing, as well as details for placement prints. Many effects and techniques are available depending on your quantities. A variety of inks is available, including eco-friendly ink. We offer Digital Printing (Sublimation), Sticker Printing (Transfer) and Screen Printing for both fabric printing (50m minimum) and detail prints. Fabric printing is done before the fabric is cut, while the smaller scale detail printing is done after cutting or sewing. We also have a range of sticker printing materials such as PVC, PU, Glitter, Flock, Foil, Reflective, Glow in Dark, Carbon, Animal Print, and Puffy. Discuss your requirements for prints with us.


Once your pieces are cut and stitched, brand name, size and care labels will be stitched or printed on to the products, depending on your preferences. For swimwear, rubber printing of logo together with material, washing and origin info is typical. Speak to us about making the labels. We can help you with hang tag and packaging design and printing too to complete your products.


We help you produce casual to high end men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing, Swimwear, T-shirts, Dresses, Pants, Jackets, and more. We also produce Accessories in various materials.
Depending on the complexity of the products, we have a production capacity of up to 5,000 pieces per month across our various workshops. Once your styles and materials are decided and ready, we will book you a slot in our production calendar and a date when your products will be ready. Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is low to accommodate start ups, 30pcs/style for most items (maximum 3 sizes). Cost per item will drop the more you make and we can handle big orders too. Speak to us about your requirements. We require upfront payment on all orders for new customers.


We use various cargo agents in Bali, as well as TNT, DHL, EMS and Pos Indonesia tracked parcels, as per your volume and speed requirements. For air Cargo minimum weight is 45kg. Duties and tax may apply as per the customs regulations of your desired destination.


“blessings come to those who trust in a benevolent universe”

“let your excitement be your compass”

“your reality is your creation, always”

Maybe a little unusual to start a business Terms& Conditions document with esoteric quotes but… We know that expecting good things and being excited and high vibe about your project, your brand, your creation always yields superior outcomes. We will be co-creating together. We will be making your dreams and visions and designs manifest. The magic component that will ensure everything always goes your way is that you believe it is so. We will be doing some believing of our own too, as well as all of the below and more


  • All quotes are provided free of charge and are valid 30days from issue
  • Quotes may change after patterns and samples have been  made, notice of same will be given in production quote
  • Survival is fully committed and responsible for creating samples as to customer specs. We will bear costs for providing a new sample if the first is not as per customer specification. Up to 2cm difference in measures is considered acceptable. 
  • Customer must provide a single email of complete instructions for any sampling and production orders.
  • Any information that is lacking in the instruction email can be decided upon by Survival, such as stitch style, label locations etc. Don’t worry, we provide a spec sheet template if you need one, so you don’t overlook any details.
  • We are very happy to advice our customers on all aspects of manufacturing and even design where we spot inaccuracies or room for improvement. However, we are not to be held at fault for any design or sizing issues you might not like.  
  • Survival cannot be held responsible for third party services such as printing and machine embroidery. For these we must refer to the terms and conditions of the particular supplier. 
  • Any extra costs to samples and/or production due to any changes requested by the customer shall be born by the same.
  • Generic care and size labels (100% lycra is the only generic label available), as well as simple poly bag packing are included in production quote. Custom tags, labels, stickers and packing materials incur extra costs.
  • We are fully responsible to preserving your designs/intellectual property by never sharing your patterns or showing your samples or products to anyone outside of our organization
  • All payments are upfront, in IDR, via bank transfer / transferwise only. Shipping may be paid separately near to shipping date, or customer may arrange products to be picked up/shipped by third party.
  • Any patterns remain at our workshop for 6 months from when 1st production commences. After this time period we will store the patterns for a further six months free of charge. Patterns created by us are to be used at our manufacturing facilities only.
  • Any delivery dates we give are tentative and there will be no penalties for later delivery up to four weeks from a given date. Any whole week exceeding the four week period will incur a penalty of 10% that we will reimburse to you. Should your order be more than 6 weeks late you can choose to be fully refunded. It may occur that we have to wait some components of your order (custom prints, custom hardware etc) and we have no control over our suppliers’ tardiness. Do try to give yourself room however, and order early, as force majeure (closed airport due to volcanic ash etc.)  can, in theory, strike at any time, in which case no one is to blame.
  • Our production calendar is first come, first served basis and we will allocate your production slot upon receiving payment. You may reserve slots up to six months in advance.
  • Any samples, products, screens, material, fabric and trims may be stored free of charge with us for a maximum of six months after which we will not be responsible for the same.
  • Any eventual discrepancies between tech pack and product are primarily taken care of by fixing the product at our workshops at our cost.
  • Any faulty goods must be reported to us within 3days of receiving your shipment. We are proud to say that our reject rate is around 1% of production, a very good industry standard. This 1% is mostly caught in the nets of our quality control team. We will advise you of any rejects and remake the discarded pieces free of charge.
  • Any shipping, insurance, taxes and duties in any places of import will be full responsibility of the customer.
  • Our dealings with our customers are governed by the laws of Indonesia. 

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